Bring Cambodia Folktale to Life

An edutainment app of Cambodian's favourite folktale stories library, which will be updated regularly to the app automatically.

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Available FREE on Android, iPhone and iPad. Download it from App Store or Google Play


Fun animation, and cute characters make it very enjoyable for kids.


All stories are handpicked, selected only the stories with good moral.



+ What is Ey Sey Storytime?

Ey Sey Storytime is a fun interactive Cambodian popular folktales for kids.

+ Is the app free?

Yes, Ey Sey Storytime app is free to download. You can download it from App Store or Google Play.

+ How many stories does it have?

There will be many stories available soon. We have more than 50 books in the production line. We need more time to get them done. And new books will be available automatically in the app's library when it is done. We will update new book regularly.

+ Are all the books in the app free?

Basically, there are 2 books free for everyone. First book is "The Ungrateful Crocodile" book, which available for free once you start the app. You can get a second book for free by create an account in the app using your Facebook account, by simply login to your Facebook account in Parent panel in the app. By creating an account for the app for the first time, you will get 20 coins for free. You can then use them to purchase any book that cost 20 coins of your choosing. After that you have to purchase more coins (see how to purchase coins with your phone's credit without credit card) to be able to buy new books.

+ Why do we have to buy new books?

You have to buy coins (see how to purchase coins with your phone's credit without credit card) to be able to buy new books, It is because we are not a non-profit organization. And we want to serve everyone in a long term, therefore, to be able to survive and make more books and apps, we have to charge for new books. But we also provide value to kids with our books, and it cost less than a cup of coffee for one book which you can use it for life. Comparing the value of the book and the price, it is like the book free already.

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